When Amitabh Bachchan did not wash his mouth for seven days

Pandari Junker is a make-up artist from Hindi cinema, who gave her 60 years to the industry.
Junker, who started his career with black and white films, is known by all the names of the grandfather's grandfather.
Pandari Dada, who worked for make-up for three decades in the film world, has been 87 years old and still loves make-up work as much as he did in the early days of his career, a well known producer, director and actor V Shantaram Had felt while doing make-up.
In 1948, without any intention, the work of the grandfather's work in the world of make-up was recommended by famous adakara nargis.
Later, after learning the qualities of make-up from the master of make-up, Ustad Baba Vardhan, he also got a diploma in make-up artist from Moscow.
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In more than 500 films such as 'Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje', Chitralekha, Taj Mahal, Noor Jahan, Neel Kamal, Black Stone, Sholay, Nagin Mister India, Dilhe Dulhania Le Jayenge, in the hands of Pandari Dada, who gave new color to make-up Has many artists who have proved to be milestones in Indian cinema.
There are many stars like Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Nutan, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Ashok Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Sunil Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Raj Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Madhuri Dixit. .
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Homemade Hairstyles Make-up Artist

In a special dialogue with the BBC, many celebrities, Pandari Junker, said, "I had no intention of becoming a make-up artist, because I did not like this line. All my father had said that this line is not good but the house The situation was not exactly right. Seeing my poverty, make-up artist Baba Vardhan, who was my neighbor, suggested to join me. "
He says, "Whatever film was made in Rajkamal studio, I started making all the performers of the film, I used to get 70 rupees per month for this work, because of my work, Nargis told me to go to Russia for the film 'State' Gave the opportunity and I got a diploma in make-up. "
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"All this was possible with the help of Nargis Ji.If Nargis would not have trusted me, then maybe I could not get a bigger chance. Actress Meena Kumari also gave me many opportunities like Nargis, she ranged from her initial film to last She made the make-up of the film Pakija from me. "

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It was difficult to make a make-up during the Black and White films

Pandari says that it was difficult to make a make-up during the Black and White films. Your smallest mistake could also be caught.
He says, "As a make-up, we used to use only mascara pencils, maroon lipsticks and powders.
But when the colorful cinema came, the work of make-up artist was a bit easier.
He explains, "Dilip Kumar always used to say that our people are those people. This young man is old and old, making the young man look ordinary, beautifying the ordinary person.
He says, "I want to tell you that in the actors, Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra and Sunil Dutt are the artists who make their make-up in the jokes, their personalities were very beautiful, they looked very beautiful without makeup too."
Pundari says, "If I talk about actresses, then Nutan and Divya Bharati were such actresses who looked beautiful even without makeup. Their composition was such that there was no need to make more makeup."
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Amitabh Bachchan had said - "You will go a long way"

As well as having a good make-up artist, you should also have a good understanding of painting. This is to say, the Panchari Junker.
He says that whenever we have to cast an actor to the character, we used to prepare his sketch first. Like Mr. Mogenbo in Mr. India or Gabbar in Sholay.
There are many films whose heroes and villains have been made by the Pandari Zucker.

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He recalls, "I still remember when I used to do make-up artists for 365 days, every artist wanted me to have his make-up in my hands, for that I used to wait for hours, I remember Amitabh Bachchan's first film. The shooting was going on in Goa and I was doing make-up of all the actors of this film. I had shave Amitabh and suddenly I had to go to Mumbai for 7 days with some urgent work. "
Pandheri explains, "Then I asked Amitabh what you will do now, because I am not in Goa, then Amitabh had said that I would handle this makeup. For the whole 6 days, Amitabh used to pour water under his face and bath And with his own look, he washed his face for six consecutive days. "
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"When I met him six days later, the beard had the right salute on his face, how would he sleep? How would he eat, I was very surprised by thinking of all this, then I told him that you would go far ahead. This love will make you one day superstar for your work. "
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"Why do not you take a heroine to Madhuri?"

There are many stars in Bollywood that look very ordinary without make-up, but after their makeup, they get transformed.
According to Pandheri Dada, Madhuri Dixit is in such a star. Initially, Madhuri's look did not look beautiful without make-up.
Pandheri Junker explains, "Subhash Ghai had taken Madhuri Dixit for a Karma film but when I saw Madhuri, she told Subhash Ghai that the girl's eyes are beautiful, why do not you take her heroine? But Subhash refused and said that this girl is very simple, I do not see the charming heroine in it. Subhash said that you are doing this because it is your Mahar The Xtra. "
"Then I told Subhash that there is no such thing, let me show you the beauty of this half-an-hour and then I made Madhuri's make-up and presented it to Subhash, after seeing Madhuri, he removed that song of Karma film. In his next film, he gave Madhuri as the lead heroine. "
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Sridevi's make-up seemed a long time

Poorari Junker and Yash Chopra stayed with them for 40 years. He worked from Yash Chopra's early film till last film.
Pandari says, "Chandni, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, from all the films of Silsila, Yash Chopra, made all the actors beautiful. Sridevi was taking time to prepare, because from the eyes of the make-up of his eyes and everything he cared for. And Sridevi did not even rush. "
"But for Kajol, I remember that she had brought her own make-up man during the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but Yash Ji said that your makeup will do the pinnacle. Then I made Kajol's make-up and they liked it too. Was. "
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Today Sita of Ramayana is also set in the eye shadow
Pandari says, "Today has changed, and many techniques have also come in. Sunil Dutt Sahab's film, Reshma and Sherra, I stayed in Rajasthan for the whole of three months, that period was something else, when the actor got sunny without any vanity We used to stay in the vans for hours and we used to stay with them. But today everything has grown. "
Pandari says, "Today there are many make-up artists who work for the money.In today's TV serial, Sita of Ramayana is also set in the eye shadow and do not even think about which period we are showing. The time has changed Earlier, artists such as Dilip Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar used to tell us that they would eat food as well, first people were hungry for work and names, but make-up artist was very respected, but now